Multimedia and canvas elements in HTML5

<canvas> The <canvas> element was originally developed by Apple® for use in Mac OS X Dashboard widgets and in Safari,

PHP Arrays

An array is a concept of declaring a variable in which multiple values can be stored or An array stores

Data Types and Built in functions

PHP supports 8 data types scalar data types( A variable in which only one value can be stored at a

variables and output statements in PHP

We have 2  functions for output in PHP those are echo() and Print () actually output statements used to send

Artistic border to an image

Open a one-layer document, then click the Background on the Layers panel. Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool (M or Shift-M), then draw

WordPress web Server requirements

About the installation of WordPress everybody says that you need a minimal configuration but its not that much simple here

Whats New in wordpress 3.5 – Elvin

WordPress, has released new version wordpress 3.5, the 80th version of WordPress. it brings with it some changes to help

Creating Downloading Icon

Step 1 create a document in Photoshopwith an dimensions of 600 x 400 px. Fill the background colour with #f0e9dd.

Operators in PHP

Operators are used to perform some operations on data operators are broadly classified into 2 categories Unary operators An operator 

Introduction to PHP

Hi Guys Let me teach about PHP in easy steps. First of let me explain what is Programing Language. “

Creating Reset.css

Too many CSS designers don’t realize the importance of creating a “reset.css” file. When you have an environment where each

Shape Buttons

    Step 1 Create a Shape Step 2 Copy the Layer Style Step 3 Create 3 White shadows using

Installing PHP in local system with XAMPP

HI guys If we want work with PHP we need following products in our system . PHP Database server mail