Introduction to PHP

Hi Guys

Let me teach about PHP in easy steps. First of let me explain what is Programing Language.

“ A Programing language is artificial language used to express  computer that can be performed with a machine, particularly Computer.”

  1. PHP is recursive acronym stands for  Personal Home Page, it is now said to stand for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  2. PHP Is used for developing 3 types of applications
    • Command Line scripting
    • Desktop (or) GUI
    • Web Applications
  3. The main purpose of introducing PHP is to develop Web applications.
  4. PHP programs saved with an extension of .PHP
  5. Actually all the web applications runs in an request and respond mechanism (or) client server mechanism.
  6. The Programs which present in the client machine are sending requests to the server and getting response from server is called client side programs.
    examples: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer
  7. All the PHP programs gets executed in server and will give a response back to the client (Browser) in pure HTM format.
  8. Every PHP program contains HTML Tags plain text and PHP scripts.
  9. A web server is an application running in the server machine.
  10. PHP programs can be Placed in most of web servers.
    Example: IIS, ApacheNGINX
  11. PHP can run almost any Database.
  12. PHP is platform independent.
  13. At the time of PHP script execution in webserver the PHP script converts into “opcode” (Operational code) and send it to interpreter.
  14. The PHP interpreter is ZEND it is also called PHP parser.
  15. This Interpreter converts the “opcode” to HTML.
  16. For more details about History Click here for Wikipedia.
  17. On Next Class we will discuss about Instalation of PHP.

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