Creating Downloading Icon

Step 1

create a document in Photoshopwith an dimensions of 600 x 400 px. Fill the background colour with #f0e9dd.

Step 2

Select Ellipse tool (U). Create a nice circle with the size you like.
Next, select the pen tool (P). Ctrl + click on the circle you just made. This should make the anchor points of the object show.
Again ctrl + click, but now only on the lower anchor point. You should see this now:


Step 3

With that anchor point selected, hold shift and press your down arrow twice. This should drop the point 20px down. There it is, the sort of upside down egg shape.

Let’s style that thing up!
All there is on there is:

· Gradient Overlay

· Inner shadow

· Stroke

Settings below:







Step 4

Next lets make a small shape on the bottom of of main shape as shown in the below.

I have used the pen tool (P) . next use some layer styles.

  1.  Drop Shadow
    1. Blend Mode : Normal, Color #5C5C5C
    2. Angle : 90 Degrees
    3. Distance : 1 Px
  2. Inner Shadow
    1. Blend Mode : Multiply, Color #202020
    2. Opacity : 50%
    3. Distance : 2 Px
  3. Color overlay
    1. Blend Mode : Normal, Color #202020.

Now the image looks like same below.




Step 5

Lets create an  inside of the colored circle.

  1. Drop Shadow
    1. Blend Mode : Normal Color (#FFFFFF)
    2. Opacity 40%
  2. Inner Shadow
    1. Blend Mode   :Normal Color (#000000)
    2. Opacity   : 40%
  3. Inner Glow
    1. Opacity   : 15%
    2. Color    : #000000
  4. Gradient Overlay
    1. Overlay colors from #515151 to #393939

Like this:



Step 6

We’ll be adding text to this later.

Now it’s time for the orange loading bar. I guess there are more ways to make this. But I took the easiest approach. First, create an Ellipse again. about 10px larger than the one above. Make sure the layer is set beneath the dark ellipse and above the main shape.

Now we’re gonna modify this shape a bit with the pen tool by adding some anchor points and curving some lines. Try to make it like this:

This shape has 5 added layer styles, and next to that some lighting layers above which we will get to after this.

Layer styles:

  1. Drop Shadow
    1. Blend Mode :  Normal color (#000000)
    2. Opacity 55%
  2. Inner Shadow
    1. Blend Mode Hard light  : Color (#FFFFFF)
    2. Opacity  :  35%
  3. Inner Glow
    1. Blend Mode : Overlay
    2. Opacity   : 30%
    3. Color   :FFFFBE
    4. Size :  10Px
  4. Color Overlay
    1. Color : #FF7E00
  5. Stroke (with gradient)
    1. Size  : 1Px
    2. Position  : Outside
    3. Opacity   :  55%
    4. Fill type :  gradient (colors from #353535 to #494949

It should be like this

Step 7

Now, make a new layer, (ctrl-shift+N) and ctrl click on the orange shape layer thumbnail. This should bring up a selection.

Put the new layer selected on Blending mode Soft light, grab the brush tool with about a 40px radius and white colour and start playing around to make some highlights on the orange circle.

Than, again a new layer. Still with the selection of the orange circle. Again on soft light, pull down the opacity to about 60-70% and pull a standard black-white gradient from top to bottom.

Now you should have something like this:

Step 8

Load the selection of the orange layer again (ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail). Rasterize the new shape we made and hit delete. This should delete all of the overlapping on the orange. Doe the same thing again, but now load the selection of the inner dark circle. So you only have the visible of the circle left. (The one-quarter piece). Let’s give it some styling.

  1. Drop Shadow
    1. Blend mode : Normal , Color #484848
    2. Angle 120°
  2. Inner Shadow
    1. Blend Mode Multyply, Color (#000000)
    2. Opacity  : 75%
    3. Angle : 90 °
  3. Gradient Overlay
    1. Colors From #000000 to #575757



Few things left to do.

  • Add the numbers in the middle.
  • Highlights on all the shapes.
  • Simple background shadow

Grab the text tool, with the Open Sans font, typ 75% in the middle on everything (16px, bold #ddd3c3). Give the text a drop shadow, deselect the Global lighting option and set the direction to -90 degreesdistance: 1, spread: 0, size: 0. Colour: #000.

Another text layer beneath the percentage. This will show the file size, or download speed. Whatever you like. Same styling same options, only not bold and 10px big now.

All set, now we have this:

Download the original PSD file here

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