Hi WordPress has an inbuilt option to show the recent posts as an home page. but not the random posts
what if you want the same look on other pages ?
here we have solution for the problem.

How to Create a Page that Displays Random Posts Have you ever been to a site and saw this cool feature?
They have a link in their top navigation to something like Random! or Read Random Articles, or some other creative text.
When you click on that link, it takes you to a page that displays one random page.
Each time you refresh, you are delivered with a new post.

Well this trick is just for you then. You would need to follow the trick #1 in this article to create a custom page template.
And simply paste this code in there:



This is a simple WordPress Loop that is running a query to display random posts and the number 1 in there is telling WordPress to only show 1 post.
You can change that number, but most of the time people do it one post a time.
We have a Quick Reading Page on our site as well, so you can see this trick in action.